Ask and You Shall Receive, in Time

When you ask for guidance from Spirit, don’t put your life on hold waiting for the response. There are many different ways that you can receive this. Spirit will come through when it is time which is not up to you to decide. When the conditions are right then you will know. It’s like sitting by the phone waiting for someone to call when they are actually sending you a letter. The message will come eventually so don’t miss out on an opportunity to enjoy your day(s) until it does.

And that whole idea of being still to let Spirit come through? It’s good advice, up to a point. Sure, if you’re going to be meditating any way. But guess what? Something will come if Spirit knows you are ready and this could be in the least still moment. Besides, we are energy which is in constant movement.

I find that if I am less resistant to the movement of my energy then I can be tuned more easily by Spirit. Allow for the vibrational adjustment to happen and the answer appears. Music can be a helpful tool. Try sitting and just listen to some. Let your body be relaxed and let go of control. You may find your head moving in circles or your body swaying. You are lowering your resistance, making communication easier. Sometimes the lyrics you hear can be the answer. It may not happen in that exact moment either but you may notice the signs appearing more frequently once you do this.

The main thing is to not get upset if you don’t receive a response when or even how you want to. It’s important to keep living your life because Spirit will work around your schedule. If you remain open to how things can come through then it creates more possibilities for better connection. You can’t beat having both quality and quantity.


Wasting Away

I received a couple compliments recently, or at least those that said them thought they were complementing me. “You look great!” and “You’re really slimming down.” I suppose most people would like to hear this. It just made me feel worse.

I’ve been struggling with some health issues and the last thing I wanted to do was lose weight. Most days are spent trying to ignore the ache in my gallbladder along with feeling nauseated from the moment I wake up.  Because of this, I can’t associate anything good from getting smaller.

Why do people assume losing weight was a healthy occurrence and applaud them for it? Someone could just as easily gain weight after making healthy choices. Would they get the same respect? After years of treating my body poorly, I’ve decided to commit to getting healthy. And what if I gain weight, what will they say then?

My coworker said to me the other day that I was “wasting away”. I wanted to say thank you to her. Thank you for acknowledging you see that something is wrong. Thank you for noticing that I am struggling. Thank you for not writing it off. Thank you for actually seeing me.

The Space Between 2 Trees

It has been said that within the space between two trees is a portal to another realm. Although I have yet to experience entering on the other side, I won’t write this off just yet.

Trees have their own vibration and their own auras which I have actually seen. You kinda just let your eyes go out of focus and a slight haziness appears around them. It always makes me happy when they let me see this.

When you have two trees close together and the auras start to appear, it’s very interesting what happens. It actually looks like they are connected. In this physical reality they are presenting themselves as separate when in fact they are as one.

So getting back to this portal thing. I can’t say walking between them has brought me anywhere different physically but it definitely has energetically. The healing energy gifted to us through the trees is sometimes indescribable. Make sure you take a walk through and see where it leads you.