The space between infinity is the finite life that I live in this moment. I am a 38 year old veggie mama of 3, living in the ever fluctuating climate of Winnipeg. Working part-time at a health store and full-time on myself.

The space between two hearts lays in the infinity of the Universe. It is where I realized there is something more than just this physical life. The energy is what I connect to when I receive guidance from Spirit. I use both my intuition with cards and my psychic abilities to offer messages to other people.

The space between two beads may seem like just a knot. It allows each to stand out and strengthens the bond that ties them together. It is where I find patience and take the most care. I enjoy creating custom pieces of jewelry for others. I tailor it to their personality but also for the purpose of their healing.

Please check out my jewelry page to see what I’ve been making and my blog page for what’s on my mind. Thank you for joining me in this finite place on my infinite journey.