The Space Between 2 Trees

It has been said that within the space between two trees is a portal to another realm. Although I have yet to experience entering on the other side, I won’t write this off just yet.

Trees have their own vibration and their own auras which I have actually seen. You kinda just let your eyes go out of focus and a slight haziness appears around them. It always makes me happy when they let me see this.

When you have two trees close together and the auras start to appear, it’s very interesting what happens. It actually looks like they are connected. In this physical reality they are presenting themselves as separate when in fact they are as one.

So getting back to this portal thing. I can’t say walking between them has brought me anywhere different physically but it definitely has energetically. The healing energy gifted to us through the trees is sometimes indescribable. Make sure you take a walk through and see where it leads you.


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